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Lee Irish Dance

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Children in Irish Dance classes will learn age-appropriate traditional Irish Dance steps and dances. As they progress through the levels of Irish Dance, steps and dances become more challenging, keeping kids engaged by learning new material. 

Depending on ability and their devotion to practice, children will move up through the levels of Irish Dance. Class level assignments are determined by Miss Carla and reflect both a dancer's current skill level, commitment, and maturity level.  It is very possible that a child will repeat a year or two of the beginning levels to give them the solid foundation necessary for more difficult steps and dances. 

In the first year, your child can expect to learn basic steps of Irish Dance, a light reel and/or a light jig.  Additional dances will be added each year.  For example, in the second year, a child can expect to learn additional new steps, the next level of a light reel, the next level of a light jig, as well as a slip jig or single jig.  It is important to master these dances before moving on to other levels. This is why children sometimes need to repeat a year or two of Irish Dance.

After the second year, if the child has mastered all the required dances, then they will add hard-shoe Irish Dancing. Advancement is at Miss Carla’s discretion.  When children start hard-shoe, it would be in addition to soft shoe dancing. At that point, they would be required to take both soft shoe and hard shoe Irish Dancing. Children can expect to learn hard-shoe dances such as the treble jig, hornpipe, and traditional set dances.

Students who are serious about Irish Dance and demonstrate maturity, dedication, and proper technique will have an opportunity to compete and perform. 

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