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Music at the Barn

The Charlton Arts & Activities Center offers a multitude of opportunities to enjoy music, be it performing or listening, in a "down home" atmosphere. The superlative acoustics make this an enjoyable venue for all things musical.


Join us for great concerts in an intimate setting, or schedule your own concerts. Our active season is between March and November. Enjoy an eclectic variety of music styles including jazz, rock, country, gospel, folk and classical.

Open Mic Night

Come join us on the second Thursday of each month between March and November at 7:00 PM  for Musicians Open Mic Night. This is a geat venue to try out new material in a supportive atmosphere. All skill levels accepted. Or just bring your axe and jam!!!  Don't perform? Then justcome to listen to the amazing talent that passes through!!! 

Music is many things to many peo­ple, and to the Cen­tral Mass Music Acad­emy (CMMA) it is a craft, a prac­tice that demands desire, com­mit­ment, and per­sis­tence. Whether brass, wood­wind, per­cus­sion, string, piano, or voice, study­ing the craft of music mak­ing requires time, effort, and qual­ity train­ing to build the tech­niques and skills nec­es­sary to mas­ter one’s instrument.


The teach­ers of CMMA aim to sup­port what stu­dents are learn­ing in school and/or com­mu­nity pro­grams, whether it be mas­ter­ing a demand­ing band selec­tion, learn­ing how to impro­vise a jazz solo for a con­cert, or prepar­ing for Dis­trict and/or All State audi­tions. We pledge to work in coop­er­a­tion with the stu­dents school direc­tors, com­mu­nity direc­tors, and teach­ers to pro­vide the addi­tional instruc­tional sup­port nec­es­sary for musi­cal advancement.


Spe­cial­iz­ing in work­ing with stu­dents from all ranges of skill level, the CMMA will struc­ture an edu­ca­tional plan for musi­cal devel­op­ment crafted for the indi­vid­ual stu­dent. Our pos­i­tive, nur­tur­ing atmos­phere, cou­pled with jut the right com­bi­na­tion of chal­lenge and sup­port, will stim­u­late musi­cal growth by encour­ag­ing stu­dents to work hard, ded­i­cate and com­mit to an in-home prac­tice sched­ule, and help set rea­son­able short and long term goals.

Pasture Prime Chorale

Like to sing? Then join the Pasture Prime Chorale! We are looking to expand our performance schedules.

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